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Cosmosoul is a band born in 2009 from the blend of five brilliant artists with diverse backgrounds, techniques and musical profiles. A mix of styles as well as cultural and musical legacies.

Alana Sinkëy, portuguese originally from Guinea-Bissau, Abel Calzetta, argentine guitarrist, Arturo García, bilbain drummer, Manuel Pablo Sanz, madrilenean bass player and the napolitanean keyboardist Sergio Salvi are the ingredients of this stylistic crossover, combining multiple nuances in an unique whole.

Their music is deeply rooted in Neo-soul and R&B, but grows with several branches including jazz or world music. All carried with the most elegant standards, crafting quality productions with great vibe.

The route

With their first record “Sunrise” (2011) they got the attention of media and were honoured as “Revelation Band” and “Best Black Music Band” in Spain.

Tapa Sunrise

“Sunrise” was recorded at Reno Studios in Madrid and mixed and mastered by Tom  Soares y Dave Kutch (Erykah Badu, The Roots, Corinne Baley Ray…) in NY City. It walks territories between neo-soul, jazz and R&B in a stylish and elegant production,  leaded by the unique voice of Alana Sinkëy.

The record was joined by the videoclip of “Sunny Days” that synthesizes the cosmopolitan  and glam ambience of the album.

Tapa Terra

Their second studio work, “Terra” (2014), conquered the neo-soul and jazz scene, while walking almost every local stage and having some international affairs in Brazil, UK, Russia, Germany and Portugal.

This album meant a step forward, a more acoustic and warm overall sound, much more  organic than the first studio work. An exploration of their world music side. They summed some stellar guests, featuring the rapper Chojı́n in  “Warrior” and The Gospel Factory [Choir] in “System, give the world a  break”.

Love and nature guide their usual topics. A deep contact with human everyday’s issues that expresses itself with persistent groove and power.

Tapa Walk

After gathering a good amount of quality soul lover followers, with  eight years on the road and two self-produced albums, the time has come for  the new step, their third studio work: Walk (2017).

Without a doubt the most mature work of the band.  

A result of  guiding all their steps to an only destination: transforming their multicultural richness into songs and giving the audience a vibrant  and elegant live show. Qualities that made the band an essential  number in the current music scene.

CosmoSoul keep a firm walk with and addictive energy.